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Degca is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children discover and maximize their God-given potential. They provide resources to foster growth and success, with the ultimate goal of enabling these children to make meaningful contributions to society. Through the support of donors and volunteers, Degca gives children more than just a fighting chance.


About Degca


Founded in 2005
15+ Employees
Agona Swedru, Ghana

Services We Offered

Degca needed a website that could effectively communicate their mission and facilitate the process of sponsorship and volunteering. They required features such as a ‘Sponsor a Child’ page with a listing of children for potential donors, a recurring donation option, a volunteer registration page, and a donor dashboard.

Our design approach was centered around creating a user-friendly and engaging website that would make the process of sponsorship and volunteering seamless and rewarding. We developed a ‘Sponsor a Child’ page with a detailed listing of children, integrated a recurring donation option, and created a volunteer registration page. We also designed a donor dashboard for easy tracking and management of donations. The result was a website that truly embodied the spirit of Degca and its commitment to empowering children.

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