J.E. Stratus Company LTD - Your partner in construction, real estate, and car rentals.

J.E. Stratus Company LTD is a versatile company based in Accra, Ghana, offering a wide range of services including building construction, real estate rentals and sales, and car rentals. They are dedicated to providing top-notch services to their customers both locally and internationally.

J.E. Stratus Company LTD

About J.E. Stratus Company LTD


Founded in 2005
15+ Employees
Accra Ghana

Services We Offered

J.E. Stratus Company LTD needed a website that could effectively showcase their diverse range of services. They required separate pages for their construction, real estate, and car rental services, along with listings for real estate properties and car rentals.

Our design approach was focused on creating a user-friendly and organized website that would allow customers to easily navigate through the different services offered by J.E. Stratus Company LTD. We developed separate pages for each service and incorporated listings for real estate properties and car rentals. The result was a comprehensive website that accurately represented the brand and its commitment to providing a wide range of quality services.

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